It's a little known but serious disease of the bones of the foot, which become fragmented by deforming the limb. There are different stages of this disorder that should not be ignored neither in its initial acute phase nor in chronic phase. Charcot foot is one of the most severe consequences of diabetic neuropathies which is characterized first by inflammation, pain and microfractures and subsequently with a severe deformation of the joints and diffuse fractures. More the foot becomes deformed more wounds and ulcers that can become infected appear and they can infect the bones, often requiring the amputation of the parties involved. In the early stages you can intervene by immobilizing the foot with a specific orthopedic boot and avoiding that bump against the ground to prevent further fractures or injuries.

Charcot foot


The high keeper for leg-foot adaptable to the patient allows the displacement of the load on ankles and calves. the sole with motion control and redistribution of the pressure load decompresses the area of injury and significantly...