TECNICA braces represent a first step for the treatment of diabetic foot wounds during the acute phase, post-operative wounds, foot or tarsus trauma, forefoot trauma and/or wounds.

Studied and tested to immobilize the foot, our shoes decompress wounds areas considerably improving walk. Tecnica boasts a wide range of high quality shoes.

All models of Diabetic foot- Acute fase are radio-transparent, made of a breathable fabric and with a rigid buttress.

The sole is created with innovative biomechanics criteria.

All our diabetic foot line is ambidextrous, variable volume, rigid sole and tilting anti-bending,

all models are equipped with antibacterial silver ion treatment “Silver Plus” and certified fabrics “Oeko-tex”. 

They can all be washed at 40 degrees and they are all transpiring thanks to the micro-perforated inside.

Tecnica Diab

The high keeper for leg-foot adaptable to the patient allows the displacement of the load on ankles and calves. the sole with motion control and redistribution of the pressure load decompresses the area of injury and significantly improves gait.

Tecnica Post

The low leg-foot keeper is adaptable to the patient. The sole with motion control and redistribution of the pressure load significantly decompresses the area of injury improving gait and the healing time.

Tecnica Terap

Easy to wear and maximum safety in the acute phase. Thermoformable heel counter. The thermoformable upper is made of Pelflex. Thanks to his semi-waterproof features it ensures a thermic and hygienic protection of the foot.

Tecnica Valgus

Stiff and rocking outsole for cushioning the steps and immobilizing the metatarsal-phalangeal area, which allows to reduce the pressure and totally discharge the trans-metatarsal area. They also allow to contain deformities and to avoid dangerous frictions. The wide and non-slip outsole ensures the maximum stability during the ambulation.