TECNICA post-operative medical devices are conceived through rigorous medical researches so that to guarantee the best post-operative progress.

Clinical and lab tests prove our shoes’ functionality and stability, and they also prove an extremely high customer satisfaction.

The shoe upper is made of a super-soft padding, and it has a double Velcro so that to guarantee a comfortable fit with bandaged foot and to ensure an easy regulation.

The buttress is thermo-adjustable and the sole is anti-shock and non-slip. The sole is wide to ensure a better stability. Comfortable fit for inserting orthotics. Padded and with no stitches upper to avoid internal rubbing.

The sole is created with innovative biomechanics criteria.

All our post operative line is ambidextrous, variable volume, rigid sole and tilting anti-bending,

all models are equipped with antibacterial silver ion treatment “Silver Plus” and certified fabrics “Oeko-tex”. 

They can all be washed at 40 degrees and they are all transpiring thanks to the micro-perforated inside.


The high keeper for leg-foot adaptable to the patient allows the displacement of the load on ankles and calves. the sole with motion control and redistribution of the pressure load decompresses the area of injury and significantly improves gait.


The low leg-foot keeper is adaptable to the patient. The sole with motion control and redistribution of the pressure load significantly decompresses the area of injury improving gait and the healing time.


Easy to wear and maximum safety in the acute phase. Thermoformable heel counter. The thermoformable upper is made of Pelflex. Thanks to his semi-waterproof features it ensures a thermic and hygienic protection of the foot.


Designed to facilitate walking in case of post-operative recovery, pain while walking, rehabilitation, fragile skin and vascular problems. Internal super adjustable volume, the front of the upper opens totally while the velcro system facilitates the closure with one hand allowing to calibrate the fit and the use of orthotics and bandages in different sizes. Upper made in breathable MICROFIBER soft, warm and durable in time.


The wide spectrum protective shoe is suitable for foot deformities and custom insoles. The high and semi-rigid buttress restrains and gives high protection the foot limiting the movements of the ankle, combined with “Tecnica S Rigid” footbed is ideal for the protection and the prevention of ulcers. Upper made of soft, warm, durable and breathable MICROFIBER.


They are suitable during the post-operative phases or in case of wounds, they can be worn with bandaged feet during the long periods of healing to reduce the weight load during the walk. they are extremely stable thanks to the thermoformable and lightweight heel counter. Open toe footwear particularly suitable for deformities in the forefoot area. Upper made with MICROFIBER, soft, warm and resistant.


Lightweight, breathable, washable, soft and comfortable padding. It can be adapted on suitable orthotic and can be fixed through Velcro fasteners.

Tecnica CT toe cover

Lightweight, breathable, washable, soft and comfortable padding. It can be fixed on the suitable orthopedic braces.