The removable ENERGY PLUS heelpad (patented system) with an angle of 8° can be applied to all shoes of the Energy line to keep the foot in talism for all rehabilitation itineraries where the surgeon deems it necessary.

Tecnica S AIR

Made of a new high-density open-cell PU foam, 10 mm width. A fully-ventilated super-soft foam with excellent absorption and desorption properties, 100% breathable, and thermo-shapable so that to prevent thermal sensitivity. We improved its flexibility, touch, breathability, and we added the SILVER PLUS ion treatment with extraordinary resistance to washing and dry cleaning to enhance performances and durability.

Tecnica S Rigid

The whole elderly and rehabilitation line is suitable for the insertion of S Rigid footbed S Rigid used under the insole S Air or under a customized orthotic, avoids flexing of the foot and makes the footwear completely rigid and perfect for prevention of skin laceration and diabetic foot complications, giving relief throughout the day.

Tecnica S-TAL

Designed with an 8 degrees angle to allow the off-load of body weight on forefoot. Ambidextrous and made of microporous material for any future changes and/or customization.


Lightweight, breathable, washable, soft and comfortable padding. It can be adapted on suitable orthotic and can be fixed through Velcro fasteners.

Tecnica CT toe cover

Lightweight, breathable, washable, soft and comfortable padding. It can be fixed on the suitable orthopedic braces.


The S-CLOUD footbed System is excellent for the plantar discharge in acute treatments; the removal of the squares allows the maximum customization, and used in post-operative or in acute phase treatments, it guarantees an off-loading which is higher than 70%.